Do you use the Physical Repositories or other cloud drives?

Do you still utilize the land-based repositories or other repositories? We want you to utilize the Electronic Repository instead. Do you care why the Electronic Data Rooms are better than its competitors? To assume you that the Electronic Data Rooms offer you more capabilities than any other repositories we arrived at a decision to tell Leer másDo you use the Physical Repositories or other cloud drives?[…]

Corazones Blindados

 CORAZONES BLINDADOS :(Blinded Hearts) Once again you have to get going and Danilo is back in touch with other musicians. He makes several announcements and contacts Alfonso Lantero- Batería de Gijón (later in Los Pistones- The Nativos, Illegales y Panduro) and Santiago Agudo (later in La Coartada). Together they are able to form an extensive Leer másCorazones Blindados[…]


 SHAKE! Danilo, during his activity as DJ, knows the bass player of Polish origin Martin Techmanski and the drummer of French origin Guillermo Cora, who along with his friend the keyboard player J.Ramón Anadón decide to get into a local near the trail of Madrid and begin to create new Themes. This, and after the Leer másShake![…]

El Refugio

[/audio]:      EL REFUGIO ( The Shelter): It is one of the longest prolific stages of Danilo as a singer, guitarist and composer. Here he manages to give free rein to his creative composer and scenic, giving more than 300 concerts throughout the Capital and other provinces. They recorded their first Demo in the studio Leer másEl Refugio[…]